Power Systems Studies

Below are a few of our recent cases studies relating to our work within Power Systems Studies. We have been working on a variety of different projects, some of which are still ongoing.

Solar G99 Compliance Studies; Smith Brothers; Ongoing

We are currently carrying out G99 compliance studies for a distribution-connected solar farm (Type C).  We have completed the following:

  • Load Flow
  • Reactive power
  • Voltage Control/ Quasi Static
  • Fault Level
  • Frequency Response
  • Fault Ride Through (FRT)
  • Fast Fault Current Injection (FFCI)

We will be completing Harmonics and Protection studies in the next few weeks.

Offshore Wind Farm Grid Code Compliance; Ørsted; Oct – Jan 2022

We have carried out a full set of grid code compliance studies for concept design for a large, HVAC-connected offshore wind farm.  These studies included:

  • Load flow
  • Reactive power and cable loading, including voltage profiles
  • Steady state reactive power
  • Quasi static reactive power (voltage control)
  • Sensitivity analysis to look at potentially different configurations including different cable assumptions, 275kV versus 220kV etc
  • Preliminary short circuit analysis
  • Preparation of Single Line Diagram (SLD)

The work has resulted in an outline concept design and recommendations for more detailed studies once data becomes available.

BESS G99 Compliance Studies; Ethical Power; Ongoing

We are currently carrying out G99 compliance studies for a distribution-connected battery farm (Type C).  The scope includes the following:

  • Load Flow, Power Loss and Reactive Power Capability
  • Voltage Control and Reactive Power Stability
  • Short Circuit Studies
  • Fault Ride Through (FRT) and Fast Fault Current Injection (FFCI)
  • Frequency Response Studies
    • Limited Frequency Sensitive Mode–Over frequency
    • Limited Frequency Sensitive Mode–Under frequency
    • Frequency Sensitive Mode
    • Voltage and Frequency Controller Model Verification and Validation
  • P28 Power Quality – Voltage Fluctuations (Energisation & Step Change) and Flicker
  • Power Quality – Harmonics

Offshore Wind Farm Frequency Response Studies; Ørsted; Dec 2021 – Jan 2022

Completed a set of frequency response studies for a large offshore wind farm connected in the Asia-Pacific region in DIgSILENT PowerFactory.  It was found that the ramp rate was not compliant with the Asia-Pacific requirements (significantly slower ramp rate required than that for GB) and therefore the OEM is currently in the process of modifying the controller.

“Blake Clough has demonstrated a detailed technical knowledge of off shore wind farm electrical design and Grid Code requirements whilst providing the necessary due diligence.”

Offshore Wind Farm Energisation Studies; Ørsted; Jan 2022 – April 2022

We are in the final stages of carrying out a set of preliminary energisation studies in PSCAD for a large HVAC-connected offshore wind farm.  This has included:

  • Setting up the model including cable and transformer validation
  • Carrying out studies for 220kV and 275kV offshore wind farm designs
  • Checking for grid code compliance and suggesting mitigations where necessary

Stability Pathfinder Phase 3; Confidential Client 2022 – 2022

We have carried out the full set of studies that are required by National Grid for the Stability Pathfinder Phase 3 tenders for a synchronous condenser.  This has included responding to questions and clarifications raised by NGESO.  For these studies, Go2 Power was subcontracted through Blake Clough.  Go2 Power performed the full set of studies and responded to clarifications.  Blake Clough has supported the client with tender documentation.

Greenlaw Rd Earthing; SPEN (end client); March 2022 – April 2022

We completed an earthing study for Greenlaw Road HV Connection.  The work included:

  • Representative soil model for use in stie earthing design study
  • Development of detailed computer model of the proposed earth electrode system using CDEGS MALZ
  • Calculation of Rise of Earth Potential (ROEP)
  • Calculation of touch and step voltages across the site
  • Diagrams and report summarising the above calculations and models.