Energy Strategy Consultancy

The successful and cost-efficient transition to a low carbon society requires careful planning and strategic thinking.

To support this goal, we undertake front-end feasibility and strategic work, often for clients that wish to better understand how they can reduce their carbon footprint and become carbon neutral.

This includes clients such as Local Authorities, large infrastructure owners or developers at the start of their development journey.

We support our clients through their journey to Net Zero by offering the following services:

Guidance to reduce our clients’ carbon footprint and to become “Net Zero” e.g. deployment of low carbon technologies etc;

Development of high-level strategic Energy Strategies and Roadmaps to become Net Zero;

High level scoping of development projects (such as solar, storage, micro-hydro, smart grids etc) that could contribute towards reducing our clients’ carbon footprint;

Indicative Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) on potential initiatives to support decarbonisation objective;

Supporting proposals for funding to deploy carbon reduction initiatives