At Blake Clough, our consultants have worked closely with a wide variety of clients across a diverse portfolio of projects.

We pride ourselves in our ability to flex our approach to meet the requirements and the preferred ways of working that our clients may have. This diverse experience allows us to take the unique insights that we have acquired from one sector and apply these to another when supporting our clients.

We have a long history of working with Network Operators and have built a strong understanding of the business drivers and challenges currently faced by the electricity industry. The urgent need to decarbonise the energy system is providing new and exciting opportunities for our Onshore and Offshore developer clients many of which are looking to connect renewable energy systems to the electricity network, or to understand how they can decarbonise their activities.

Local Authorities are also becoming key participants in the energy transition. The active participation of Local Authorities will be a critical enabler of the transition to a Net Zero energy system. We work closely with these clients to create regional energy strategies that provide clarity on how their communities can decarbonise effectively.

For further information on the sectors and the clients that we support, please explore the links below.

Network Operators

The electricity networks owners and operators are responsible for ensuring that the electricity networks used to connect consumers with generation sources are sufficiently reliable, resilient and increasingly that sustainability targets can be met at an affordable cost to the consumer.

Offshore Renewables

Offshore Renewables, and in particular Offshore Wind, is a rapidly growing sector. The costs of offshore wind have fallen dramatically in recent years, leading to wind now being one of the cheapest forms of electricity.

Onshore Developers

Onshore renewables and battery storage are areas of significant growth in the drive to meet Net Zero targets.

Local Authorities

Many Local Authorities and Councils have ambitions to reduce carbon emissions to meet Net Zero targets.


The purpose of energy regulators is to protect energy customers to ensure they are treated fairly, and increasingly to ensure that low carbon energy provision is adopted.