Offshore Renewables

Offshore Renewables, and in particular Offshore Wind, is a rapidly growing sector. The costs of offshore wind have fallen dramatically in recent years, leading to wind now being one of the cheapest forms of electricity.

There is huge potential in the UK and worldwide to deploy ever-increasing volumes of offshore wind, to drive decarbonisation of the electricity sector and help to meet our carbon targets.  However, there are also significant challenges, such as the ability to successfully transport this energy from where it is generated to the demand centres.

Applying innovative thinking and solutions to deliver the energy system of the future for our clients and their customers.

The next few years will see new increasing investment in the electricity networks to accommodate these increasing volumes of offshore wind. 

Innovation such as offshore hubs, DC distribution systems, multi-vector solutions and storage technologies are all likely to form part of the solution.

We have the expertise to assist with more traditional areas such as obtaining and negotiating for grid connections, carrying out offshore wind power systems studies and supporting offshore wind due diligence projects. 

In addition, our consultants have been involved in various offshore wind innovation projects, such as the move the higher voltage inter-array networks and the analysis of novel offshore transmission technologies.

Corio Generation (CG) appointed Blake Clough Consulting to lead on the electrical engineering package for the Skerd Rocks offshore wind farm, and to provide engineering support for discussions with EirGrid.

In fulfilling this role, Blake Clough has demonstrated strong technical competence for offshore wind farm electrical design, whilst at the same time, showing a good understanding of the developing grid code requirements in Ireland.

Blake Clough has provided the necessary leadership within the package to ensure the electrical design is processed in accoradance with the developing Grid Code, and with a view to continuously optimising the project LCOE.

Blake Clough demonstrates a professional approach when interacting with contractors, is competent to facilitate multi-contractor meetings as well as engaging with the authorities in a professional capacity on behalf of Skerd Rocks.

Ocean Winds (OW) appointed Anna Ferguson, in partnership with TNEI, to provide support for discussions with National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO) and to manage electrical system design matters with key contractors.

Throughout the work, Blake Clough has demonstrated a detailed technical knowledge of offshore wind farm electrical design and Grid Code requirements, providing the necessary due diligence to ensure that OW’s contractors are delivering designs in accordance with their contracts and the Grid Code.

Blake Clough has a professional approach in interactions with contractors and NGESO and efficiently chaired / facilitated multi-contractor meetings to ensure that all participants remained focused on the purpose of the meeting and developed a clear action plan to deliver the necessary results.