Local Authorities

Many Local Authorities and Councils have ambitions to reduce carbon emissions to meet Net Zero targets.

Actions may include increasing the use of renewable energy, enabling the uptake of low carbon technologies such as EVs within town and city planning, developing decarbonised industrial clusters and master-planning new or retrofit areas to drive low carbon emissions for the future.

Many of these local organisations will start with the development of an Energy Strategy, and we have experience in assisting with the development of these plans.  We also understand the interaction between the future vision and the practicalities in terms of the electricity networks and grid connections. 

Enabling and supporting the energy transition by providing analytical and strategic services to our clients.

Other changes such as the move from DNO (Distribution Network Operator) to DSO (Distribution System Operator) and the increase in smart grid technology are also areas that are likely to provide future benefits to these organisations, and where we can combine our detailed knowledge of the electricity networks with our understanding of Local Authority requirements.