Owner’s Engineer

Grid Support to GTR4 (Outer Dowsing Round 4) Offshore Wind Farm; Corio; Jan 2022 – Ongoing

We are currently providing support to a large offshore wind farm developer for their Round 4 wind farm, on an ongoing basis.  This is involving various activities, such as:

  • Review of the HND (Holistic Network Design) process
  • Analysis of potential grid connection options (including capacity, route, coordination with the HND process etc)
  • Engagement and discussions with the client and other stakeholders such as National Grid and Ofgem
  • Preparation of technical papers, including outline programme of works and grid connection options papers
  • Technical assessment of tenders for pre-FEED activities
  • Cost benefit analysis for HVAC versus HVDC solutions

Electrical Package Manager for Outer Dowsing Round 4 Offshore Wind Farm; Corio; May 2022 – Ongoing

We have been appointed to cover the Electrical Package Manager role until the end of 2022 (in the first instance). 

Activities include:

  • Develop and implement the procurement strategy for the package.
  • Establish contacts with the supply chain, evaluate their capacity, and ensure that fabrication and logistic optimization and constraints are taken into account in the design process; carry out RFI processes where applicable.
  • Draft and manage the drafting of the required ITT packages.
  • Assess contractor proposals, coordinating and assisting in negotiating contracts.
  • Procure and manage the detailed design, ensure that the design optimizes LCOE, takes fabrication and installation constraints into account and meets all requirements in terms of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality.
  • Ensure interfaces with other packages, contractors and stakeholders are identified and appropriately managed

“Blake Clough has a professional approach in interactions with contractors and NGESO & efficiently chaired / facilitated multi-contractor meetings to ensure that all participants remained focused on the purpose of the meeting & developed a clear action plan to deliver the necessary results.”

Support to Skeirde Rocks (West Coast Ireland) Offshore Wind Farm; Corio; March 2022 – Ongoing

We are currently providing support to Corio for their Skeirde Rocks offshore wind farm, connecting into the West Coast of Ireland. 

Activities include:

  • Preparing submission to Eirgrid for preferred grid connection option
  • Cost Benefit Analysis for various potential connection options
  • Cost modelling for the preferred option
  • DIgSILENT modelling for the outline concept (cable sizing etc)
  • Attendance on Eirgird grid code working group for developing Irish offshore wind grid code
  • Interaction with other groups to understand regulatory policy and development of equipment specifications, O&M policy etc

Support to Offshore Wind Farm for Compliance Issues; Ocean Winds; Oct 2021 – Ongoing

Ongoing provision of support to a large offshore wind developer for resolution of grid code compliance issues (for a connected wind farm).  This is involving engagement with OEMs as well as the ESO and TOs in order to coordinate problem solving and modelling.  Delivery includes preparation of technical notes to the ESO and internally to the developer. 

This work has resulted in 2 of the 3 grid code compliance issues being resolved to date, with studies ongoing for the third issue.

It was found that the key issues were due to low fault levels.  Significant innovative power systems modelling has been needed in order to understand the specific resonance issues, with mitigations including changes to the offshore turbine settings. 

This has provided an in-depth understanding of issues that may be experienced with HVAC-connected wind farms in specific circumstances (particularly as network strengths continue to reduce).