Blake Clough have been trading since September 2021, and we have developed strong relationships with a variety of clients, ranging from onshore TOs to onshore and offshore renewables developers.

For further information on the projects we have worked on, please explore the links below.

Power System Studies

Assisting in achieving a grid connection, such as fault level studies input into the application, or constraint analysis to determine potential level of constraints for connection options.

Feasibility & Due Diligence

Carrying out technical due diligence and advisory work, specifically around the grid, electrical connection, regulation and grid code compliance.

Owner’s Engineer

Projects in which we have provided our expertise, in an Owner’s Engineer capacity

Grid Connection Support Projects

Assisting developers (onshore, offshore, generation, storage, demand) though the grid connection process to obtain a suitable grid connection for their projects.


Design services for projects such as new connections, including substation layouts, cable design and associated calculations.