Feasibility & Due Diligence

Goto Fukue Offshore Wind Farm; TNEI Services Ltd; Sept – Oct 2021

We completed a piece of work to understand potential transmission options for Pacifico Energy Goto Fukue Offshore Wind Power G.K. for a 1000MW offshore wind farm sites located within the Japan territorial waters using both bottom mounted and floating substructure technologies.

This work provided an overall screening of the potential scenarios, including HVDC and HVAC options, and those deploying fixed and floating offshore substations.  A full cost-benefit analysis was carried out on 5 different connection options, as well as an outline design for each option. 

The cost-benefit analysis considered capital costs, operational costs, losses and reliability (i.e. lost energy due to failures). 

SP2 Independent Technical Report; Confidential Client; Dec 2021

We completed a report for a confidential client for Stability Pathfinder Phase 2 (SP2) programme.  The scope of this project was to provide an independent technical report to the Client’s financiers.  The report included:

  • A description of Stability Pathfinder Phase 2, why it exists and how developers are paid under the programme
  • A review of synchronous condenser technology and why it was appropriate for Stability Pathfinder Phase 2
  • Description of how the synchronous condenser technology could support with interconnector operation
  • Review of OEMs tendering to build the project

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