New Project

At Blake Clough Consulting, we recently completed the initial design phase for a harmonic filter for a 50 MW Solar PV project. Issues identified in the G5/5 study were addressed by implementing a C-type filter to damp parallel resonances at the 13th and 28th harmonic orders, while keeping fundamental frequency losses low.

A parameter sweep over a pre-defined search space was conducted, assessing compliance with each parameter set using a Python script and the DIgSILENT PowerFactroy plant model. The aim was to identify a compliant parameter set while minimising the rated reactive power, both to keep costs low and to avoid potential issues with the plant PQ capability.

We were able to optimise and design a filter (as seen in the figure attached) that satisfied the G5/5 criteria with additional consideration for device tolerances, positioning the client to finalise the design with the supplier and deliver the project on schedule.

At Blake Clough Consulting we focus on client satisfaction, and always strive to deliver the highest quality work in a timely manner. We are very flexible and growing our capacity quickly, so we are keen to take on more exciting and challenging projects! Please let us know if you would like to discuss further.