Engaged as a key partner of New Energy Partnership

Blake Clough has been engaged as a key partner of New Energy Partnership , a leading UK developer of battery storage and renewable energy projects, to provide grid support services at DNO and Transmission level on their 2GW pipeline of UK BESS developments.

Gregor Hogarth, NEP Projects & Technical Director, with over 14 years experience, is driving the development of New Energy’s battery storage portfolio, having previously delivered renewable energy projects across the UK and Europe. Blake Cough’s scope includes grid analysis, feasibility and GIS mapping, as well as G99 application and management services.

On Blake Clough Gregor shared: “Blake Clough have consistently impressed me – not just with the core output, but also with their ability to bring a partner mindset to our relationship. This adds value to our developments, and I look forward to working with them further as our portfolio grows”

Find out more over at https://www.newenergypartnership.com/